Go-Go Symphony


The Go-Go Symphony has taken Washington DC by storm! It’s riotous premiere at the Atlas Theater in February, 2014 was called a “powerhouse of unstoppable momentum that brought the sold-out crowd to its feet” by the Washington Post. And Arts Journal considers Go-Go Symphony to be an integral part of the future of classical music.

The show goes on… and the Go-Go Symphony has been booked for various shows all across the DC area for 2018-19 season. Check out a teaser video here and come see one of the upcoming shows!


Gourmet Symphony


Gourmet Symphony is reimagining the concert experience for today's audiences. We pair a fine-dining experience with a full, symphony orchestra concert. GS's food and beverage experts team up with the energetic Maestro John Devlin to create a night that will satisfy your palette and your thirst for culture. We pair symphonic music of all shapes and forms with food and drink that enhances your experience in amazing new ways. 

Drink wine from Tuscany and munch on bruschetta while listening to Rossini; enjoy Austrian weinerschniztel and a half-liter of beer while listening to Beethoven; and finish the experience with some macaroons and champagne while hearing the sweet sounds of Ravel. Pair that with custom cocktails like the Parisian Melody and Beethoven's Dark and Stormy and you're off on a journey you will never forget.


Seamless Symphony


Seamless Symphony is a project created by conductor John Devlin and composer Evan Meier. The product is a continuous concert experience where living composers write pieces that “seamlessly” connect movements of famous symphonic music. The composers write in three distinct styles: that of the composer that proceeds the new piece; their own voice; and finally in the voice of the next composer. In this way, audiences do not necessarily know where one voice ends and the next begins.

The first version of the concept was premiered by the Capital City Symphony in Washington DC. It features pieces built around the first movement of Brahms’ Fourth Symphony, the second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony and the final movement of Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony. Check out the video of the premiere!